NYC Property Tax Square Footage Corrections

NYC Property Tax Square Footage Corrections (Descriptive Errors)

The Department of Finance sets the assessment for each property in NYC based upon many factors. The Department of Finance can make mistakes in determining an assessed value by using erroneous descriptive information. One important descriptive factor that can influence an assessment is the square footage of the property reported by the Department of Finance.

In some cases square footage errors and other descriptive errors can be corrected that occurred within six years of the date of the application notifying Finance of the error.

We work closely with our clients, and their architects and engineers, to correct square footage and other descriptive errors that may result in erroneous assessments. We translate the rules in the clearest possible terms to our clients to pursue the best results that we can get. We have strong experience correcting square footage and other descriptive errors, and we have successfully attained tax refunds for our clients.

If you have any questions regarding the square footage or other descriptive information for your property, please complete our Property Form.

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