As you may be aware, the New York City Department of Finance needs income and expense information each year to value your property accurately. To provide this information, property owners are required to file Real Property Income and Expense Statement (RPIE-2017). The RPIE-2017 statement must be filed by June 1, 2018, through the Department of Finance website.

To file the RPIE-2017:

Go to Login using last year’s password, or create a new password if you need. For help logging in, then you must contact the Department of Finance immediately at, and provide them with the property address, borough, block and lot.

The RPIE is an annual requirement that must be filed each year. You must complete the entire form and electronically file it through Finance’s website. If you don’t file your RPIE on time, you could face a monetary penalty, AND denial in a Tax Commission hearing later on.
We urge you to file the RPIE-2017 as soon as possible, because the City’s system might be overwhelmed as the deadline approaches. Of course, if you have any questions please call us at (646) 355-8602 and we would be happy to help you complete the RPIE properly.

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